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KPI Options

Align your DAO community around a common goal

Set a goal
Define the Key Perfomance Indicator (KPI) you want to hit. This will be the target that the community works towards, together. This goal will be defined and coded into an ERC20 token called a KPI option. We will help you define the KPI into terms the blockchain can understand. The payout amount will depend on how successful your community is at hitting the target.
Example: In order for a DAO to secure a grant from a foundation treasury, it sets a target of enlisting 100 new members by the end of the year.

Want our help?

Whether it’s about defining KPIs or ideas for distribution, we’re here to help you succeed.
Success Tokens

Raise funds for your DAO from strategic investors

Define success
Success tokens provide an innovative way for DAOs to raise funds from long-term strategic investors without the need to sell tokens at a steep discount upfront. This product allows you to work with your tokenholders and DAO members to arrive at a sale design that works for everyone.
Example: A DAO aims to diversify its treasury and asset portfolio by 20% by selling tokens to new investors.

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Helping your DAO reach success with Outcome products is our main priority—so let’s talk!
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“UMA's success tokens empowered ShapeShift to mint our Fox Success Tokens, an innovative alternative to traditional DAO fundraising. Our Fox Success Tokens use UMA's optimistic oracle for resolution, which offers tools and flexibility to query precise pieces of data accurately.”
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DFX Finance

“Once we implemented KPIs into the DFX ecosystem, we noticed immediately that we could leverage them to complete short term tasks that really rally the community. They not only helped get people excited but really helped shed light on the real community leaders!”
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"KPI Options serve a powerful role in calibrating protocol subsidy costs by codifying what the actual outcomes for such programs should be. Not only do they make reward programs more sustainable, but they also serve to rally communities around shared goals in what is often a sea of noise."
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“KPI options solve one of the biggest problems in DAOs today, which is the lack of focus towards achieving a common goal. Simple airdrops will become outdated once more people understand the power of KPI options and we can't wait to get the 1,800+ DAOs on Aragon using them.”
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“BadgerDAO uses KPI options to help our product DIGG regain its peg, by paying out to DIGG holders but only if it indeed stays above the peg. KPI Options are a clever cryptoeconomic tool and we will be reissuing them for several iterations.”
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Optimistic Oracle

UMA's optimistic oracle (OO) provides and verifies various types of data on-chain. The OO tells smart contracts “things about the world” so they can enforce real-world payout conditions. It has been called “a human-powered truth machine.”